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When a family member or friend starts to forget things, repeat themselves or maybe start to lack in the hygiene department you should be concerned. So many people tell us  “I wish I had done something sooner” or a very popular one is “Our doctor said that was a normal part of ageing”…. It is not uncommon for us to receive calls from people saying their doctor is not taking their concerns seriously.

Knowledge is power. If you have the knowledge it is invaluable. The trajectory of Dementia is sometimes a scary thought, but one that is needed to have your family member or friend living well with Dementia.

As hard as this is to accept, dementia is a terminal illness, there is no cure. In saying this there is a lot you can do to help in its progression, medication that can help the symptoms and support for carers like yourself.

What you need is the truth !!!! You need to know what to expect and how it will affect you and the person living with dementia.

The Dementia Support Network of WA can conduct information sessions for local organisations, business groups, aged care facilities and support groups.

Health Care Professionals Training

The network offers training to Residential Aged Care Facilities and any other organisations that would like to train their staff in dementia. Specific training focussing on the latest aged care outcomes for patients can be addressed. We also offer talks for General Practices across Perth.  

For pricing and seminar information please contact our CEO, Theresa direct on 0438951884 or

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