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The Dementia Support Network of WA was created to support those people supporting loved ones living with dementia.

This journey can often be a hard one, confusing and even traumatic. We often seen the biggest population of people becoming unwell both physically and mentally are those caring for someone living with dementia.

We often hear the term “dementia sufferer” when in fact the person living with dementia doesn’t often”suffer” at all and the main people that are affected by this illness are the families or those caring for that person.

We are not a big organisation but our principles are focussed on care and attention for you, whenever you should need a helping hand. We can be a confidant, a support system, a place to gain knowledge and advice or maybe just knowing we are here should you need us is enough for you.


The network was set up by Theresa Bates, who is a Dementia Care Specialist. Theresa has a Degree in Dementia care from a leading university in Australia, is a trained counsellor but most importantly she has travelled this journey with her own mother for the past ten years.  She recently self published her book called “The Journey with Dementia” to help others see that their experiences are quite common and that our journeys are often similar to each other.

We provide family consultations, one-on-one support and workshops to help you understand the illness and the myths surrounding it..

Our Dementia care team are passionate to share empathy, experience and knowledge to those living with dementia or those caring for someone.

How we support you

We are trained to listen to your story and evaluate your situation. Our goal is to get a clear understanding of what you’re struggling with and give you the knowledge and the tools to empower you on this challenging path.

We also help you deal with any setbacks that crop up along the way. This means you can call on someone you already trust when you’re facing any fears and uncertainties. We know that life, and in particular the dementia life, can throw so many curveballs. It is a lot easier when you have someone on your team that has been down that road before you.

Theresa, says “my passion is to help families of people living with dementia to both understand the disease and to be empowered to take every challenge on – and there will be many.

If you’re feeling stuck, unsure or scared about the journey of dementia

They say knowledge is power!

This has never been more true than when you’re travelling the dementia journey.

Take back your power now...

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